Interior designers specialize in choosing color schemes, as well as selecting furnishings, fixtures and finishes. Finding what you want at a price that fits your budget isn’t always easy.  Interior Designer, Susan Aspinall has a vast knowledge base of what products are available, where to get them, the level of quality, and what other products can be selected to complement them. Researching and shopping for fixtures can be incredibly time consuming, and having someone come to you that knows how to select and source these products is a huge time saver. Many homeowners attempt the task of decorating a large house, only to be overwhelmed and eventually taking over a year to furnish it incompletely. Interior designers are not free, but they can complete the task in a much smaller amount of time, and can actually save owners on costs. These cost savings may be in the form of trade discounts, more cost effective fixtures, and “time is money” savings.